Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emo Heather Poetry Rules!

I wish that I could take your hand and
tell you how I feel
I wish that things could somehow change to
make what can't be, real
My words don't ever seem enough, nor
do they have a place
I shouldn't say these things at all, what you
read on my face
I don't know why it happened, why I just
can't let it go
Or why I feel I have the right
to even let you know
If I could take and trade it all, and
give it all away
To someone who might better suit,
who I might have someday
I don't know, part of me would love to
take that chance and see
The other part, however's glad that this
is you and me
'Cause even though our time has been
so short and barely known
This thing inside (i'd say my heart)
has almost overgrown
So much as passed between us, and yet still
so much has not
The honesty, the words we share,
more than we should have thought
But how do you not feel what comes and
makes itself so known
Without an effort - nothing more than
friendship being sown?
Oh, I could write forever and I'd still
be saying the same
All talk about this feeling, how I wish
you felt the same
But I know where you stand and where
you can't let yourself go
And, though it doesn't hurt me, it does
something when I know
that something's there between us that
we'll never get to feel
Something that, for me, seems maybe
too good to be real
You'll never hear me say that I am
sorry I found out
I'll never feel bad knowing what my
fuss was all about
Because, if nothing else, I will have
held a thing so near
And even if 'twas only me the
mem'ry will be near
A sign, a glimmer... hope, of what great things
to me might come
That there might be, for me, what's already
happened for some
For if in you, not mine to have,
I've won a second glance
Then maybe there's someone out there
with whom I'll have a chance
My greatest hope that I can have
is that I'll find some you
within whatever man comes round
that fancies me a lil too
The You that speaks such truth with the
abandon that we do
The You that showed your self to me
sooner than 'customed to
The You that thinks I'm 'something else'
(of course in a good way)
The You that likes and yearns to hear
the things I have to say
The You that tries so hard to fight
for things that mean the most
The You who's strayed but managed to
come back from being lost
The You who isn't perfect, and the You
who's a big kid
The You who's never let, from me,
a single thing lay hid
To me you are so much of what
I hope one day to find
Your heart; the You you try to be;
the love you show; your mind
If you don't mind, I think I'll keep you close, my quite dear friend
And pray that we'll continue this... until the very end