Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ooorah marathon!

Marine Corps Marathon, October, 2012.

That's my deadline.

Last year in September I ran my first ever half marathon. That's 13.1 miles, for those not in the know (don't feel bad, I'm just barely in the know, myself). After that, for some reason in the realm of insanity, I decided I wanted to run a full marathon. Being a former United States Marine - ooorah! - my only real choice is the Marine Corps Marathon.

But see, a person needs to do a bit more training for a full-on 26.2 mile trek. Especially when that someone is me. A gal with more than the average runner's share of... ahem... insulation? Yeah, that's it. So here I am. A full month into the new year and nary a run having run.

I am in trouble.

But lo, what inspiration through yonder calendar breaks? Ok, so maybe it's more that I got these really comfy super awesome (and pretty) running shoes (which I needed anyway). Or that it's Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday - duh! - and a great time to start on the marathon training schedule I've already downloaded from the internet twice. Or... that I'm slowly losing the weight loss competition we've got going on at work and it's high time I get off my ass and start working it off.

So here it is. The latest and greatest in my attempts to blog. I have a plan! Sort of! I'll blog about my marathon training progress. Whether it actually progresses or not is kind of irrelevant. I'll find something to talk about either way.

Here's to new beginnings, old rants, and new pants. Maybe.

Signing off for now,

heather ~ f.g.r. (fat girl running)

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