Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Trotting - The Abbreviated Version

Hola! 'Tis me again, right on track with my once weekly run. Tuesdays seem to be the witching day for me and my desire to hit the streets. I mean, it used to be Friday or Saturday nights you know. Out on the corner. Doing... NOTHING.

I never had my own corner.

ANYhoo... So yes. YES! I did get out for a wee little run. Nothing as impressive as last Wednesday, but I made my child wait on me whilst* I squeezed this little 20 minute run in. On a positive note, part of the reason I had so little time was because I decided to do some light housework.

I know, I know. You're all like "Get BACK, honkey cat!" But I'm Rosa Parks over here. No, I'm not a dead black woman. This is a reference back to my first Cockney phrase: Rosa Parks = totes serious. Just... it's a thing. Move along.

But I've taken too long! I'm keeping you in limbo, denying you what you have no doubt come to crave. I shall do so no longer.

Here it is! Fat Girl Running... take 4!

As expected, the pre-run selfie!

I haven't run this way before. This doesn't look like anything could pop out of it at all...

So I love listening to The Dan Band, especially the ABBA Medley. Especially when I run.

Yes, I'm still singing Dan Band. Trying to keep it chill whilst* I pass fellow Orionites.

This would be really scenic if it wasn't all gloomy, grim and death-y.

Wow. This has been a super boring run. What a total zero... *snicker

Man, I want a tire swing!

Okay, now here is where it gets good. So what you have to do is play The Stray Cat Strut along with watching my video. It's better that way. Really makes you feel like you are right there with me. And it helps to drown out the huffing and puffing accompanying my undeniably sweet moves. (At about 1:28 on the Stray Cat's video is what I'm dancing to)


Yes, I have issues.

This is how dedicated I was to my mini-run. I didn't even have socks! But I said "No, Heather. NO. You will run today. You WILL run!"

And run I did! Only about 1.42 miles. Pretty wusstastic. But there is always tomorrow! And you can bet I'll be back.

Until next time...


(*I've decided to make it my mission to bring the word 'whilst' back into regular use. Prepare yourselves.)

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