Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3

(technically the wee hours of the Day 4 morning, but I'm not nit-picking)

Had a not horrible day today. It started with bacon - as all good days should - and ended with great company and a rip-roaring game of Backgammom. I lost, but winning wasn't necessarily my objective. It was great fun relearning an old game with a new friend.

Friends - |

What... what's up? How was my run today? Ohhh... yeah, so about that.

Running - goose egg

Yep, didn't get that pesky training run in today, either.

BUT! I did (cue super excited high school cheerleader voice) I did order the Zumba dvd set online last night! Woohoo! I am WAY more excited about that than I should be. But I love Zumba! And I can't wait to get down with some Beto and get my latin groove on. I'm gonna go ahead and give myself a half tally in the brand new Workout category for that purchase.

Workout -i (<--for future reference, that's a half-tally)

Okay, since this post has now become terribly boring (and you've gone back to fully devoting you time to watching that informercial on bladder control problems) I'll cut if off here, with the promise of something hip and fresh for tomorrow's update.

That's right! Hip! Fresh! All that jazz!

Before you leave, don't forget our regularly featured feature (original!) - the Total Running Tally, heretofor referred to as TReaT:

Running - nottating, mon
Workout - i
Life - |||
Friends - |
Shamrock Shake - |

Remember, tomorrow it's hip!


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