Monday, February 20, 2012

Day... um... (looking for calendar)...

(...adjusting for flux in the Time-Space Continuum... subtracting the color Green...)

So you know how The Doctor has ideas of where he wants to take Rose or Donna or how he has every intention of getting right back to little Amy Pond but the Tardis has other ideas?

Yeah, so me not getting back to my blog is TOTALLY like that.

I last left off with day 3 - no running and at least one Shamrock shake enjoyed - and the promise of something hip and new forthcoming. Skip ahead a week. By the human measure of time, of course. (In Time Lord time I've just barely had a good night of sleep.) And here we are again! I've missed you... *sniff

A lot has happened in the last... few hours* since last we met:
      - Zumba arrived! Yay!!!
      - Several (4 to be precise) thoroughly enjoyable outings with a new friend
      - Several more Shamrock shakes found their way home (home=my belly)
      - Many new songs learned on my concertina! (Dad is quite happy with this, I think)
      - I finally started working out again. :-)

Aha! The intended purpose of this blog finally has a Muse! While I haven't actually started running, per se, today marks Day 2 of me working out. After a solid week+ of no such thing, I'm calling that a win.

Yesterday (Sunday) it was Zumba Activate for this ole girl. A heart-pounding, exhilirating latin romp in the comforts of my living room. Thank goodness, because I can't be out shakin' all this junk in public. It's just not fair to all the other women out there to flaunt what I got. I covered a lot of ground, too, in that 40 minute workout. I merengued my youngest son Caeden by the ear into my bedroom for a much needed time out. Then I salsa-slid my way over to my oldest son Brennan to give him a good reaming for some 14 year old insubordination he was partaking in. And I'm pretty sure that at one point when Caeden was on the floor in my 'dance space' I cumbia-d him in the side in a clever and successful attempt to roll him out of the way. A success any way you slice it.

Today (Monday) I got out of work early and, since I was conveniently dressed and ready for a workout, I headed over to my VERY FAVORITEST workout place, CFX - Chiro Fitness Xtreme in Rock Island (moot point for anyone not from the QC's, but to that I say hey - look it up!). Got my butt kicked severely by the Warrior Endurance class today, but it felt great. Left the gym 45 minutes later with visions of running in my head. Alas, back at the ranch, a comfy couch, a warm feline named Roxy and a long weekend on call combined like Wonder Twin powers and took the shape of a Nap.

To top off this wonderfully un-Monday Monday? A nice, but short, Blacklist practice. I will take that, thank you very much.

Let's tally NOW, shall we?

Running - goose egg
Working out - i | |
Life - | | |
Friends - | | | | |
Shamrock Shake - | | | | | |

Oooo... It looks like Shamrock Shake is winning so far. But not for long! Stay tuned, friends. It's about to get good.



  1. At least you're still looking for a calendar! I'm not sure how long it's been. I need to get my poop in a group and start workin it again. Gish!

  2. What's a Shamrock Shake? I keep seeing that all over.

  3. OMG! Get thee to a McDonalds, asap! You must partake!

  4. Bravo Heather! Glad you got a chance to get over to CFX!! Wish I coulda been there. Tuesday (today) is Mardi Gras. I might just hafta indulge a little bit before me icky diet on Wednesday. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Johnny. Your smiling face is definitely something I missed! :-)

    2. As always Heather, you never fail to amaze and amuse!! oh to be a freckle on that face of yours and see your life from there...a little creepy just typing would be as good as a loop-de-loop roller coaster ride. Although I'm confused to why you dislike the color green?

    3. P.s. this is missy.

  5. I don't dislike Green. But sometimes you have to subtract to add. ;-)