Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 2 - Final Report

Well, of course I didn't get any running in today. I was on call at work, which meant my day didn't end till shortly (ha!) after 8:30 tonight. Way, way too late to run, nevermind the fact that I was in no mood or condition to even be persuaded to do so.

Life - |

I did, however, have one grand success today. My first Shamrock Shake of the season. Ahh, sweet, sweet nectar. I also got no cleaning, no practicing, and no writing done. But again, I did conquer at solid one third of a Shamrock Shake. I'm gonna go ahead and call that a win.

Shamrock Shake - |

Short one today, peeps, so here is the updated tally, Day 3:

Running - nada
Life - |||
Shamrock Shake - | (it's that time of year, this category will definitely be a contender)

Until next time...


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