Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Meandering

This is just getting plain ole silly now.


I know what you're all thinking. Can that be true? Do the people really want the videos? HOW CAN YOU KNOW??? Well, I just do.

Don't get me wrong. I totes want to make duh beedeeos foe duh peepoh. And I love running. Or, you know, whatever you want to call what I do. It just so happens that I get as good of a workout - if not better - when I do my salsa walking (which, admittedly, is very little salsa and much more just dance walking) than when I run/jog/trot/*insert large lumbering adjective here.

And so it is for that reason, and maybe because I love you people, that I make these sort of sacrifices. You know, the videos. And boy, I totally went for it today. 60 minutes of unadulted (because it was completely non-adult of me in every way) questionably atheletic activity, forever ingrained in the fibers of the interwebs.

SIXTY minutes people! Six zero! I had to make up for all the running I didn't do last week on account of all the crappy rainy weather we had.

This #fatgirlrunning is having none of that inclement weather bs.

And so here it is. I honestly don't know how I'm going to top some of these videos. They are just too glorious. I'm even going to embarrass the hell out of myself (yes! embarrassment DOES occasionally strike this usually unflappable lass!) as a special shout out to Laura, Mary, Allison, Michelle, Dr. Baner, and any and everyone else who wants to come drive beside me whilst I huff and puff and toss inhalers at me.

These are for you. And I suppose for me. But mostly for you. ;)

It was SO incredibly beautiful out today! Spring, get here already!

As always, a welcome video to this blessed event.

And better late than never, the pre (sort of) run selfie!

So, Orion has this thing where there is some sort of swamp gas/sewer line/death stench the reeks up the town sometimes. It was extra spectacular today.

A little unafraid shimmy right outside the fancy-go-to-eatin' place. The song I'm listening to is "Maghalena" (I don't know why I am putting this link here, cuz ya'all mofos ain't e'en gonna listen) from one of my VERY favorite movies, Dance With Me (By the way, this is one of my VERY VERY favorite scenes from this movie! like, go watch it!).

For all of my coworkers and friends who just LOVE to see me wheeze... You know, I really want to put up a link to the song I was listening to (or maybe even the video...), but - again - ya'all shady cats won't bother listening to it. Trust me, it's so much better than my labored breathing. (Okay, so I put the video anyway. Just to humor myself, of course.)

I always love the way this cross looks in the sunlight. I'm just going to keep posting pictures of it, mkay? And why yes, I AM striking a pose. Just for you.

Nothing like a little Electric Light Orchestra to make any day extra fantastic.

And then this happened. Serendipitously recorded and everything!

So this was fun. I was thinking about how best to go about it and then I just went for it. Breathy, misspoken words and all. Oh, I do SO hope you enjoy.

And here is a wee little tease of my parody "Secret Asian Man". One of my favorites. The parody, not the video.

Okay, now this? THIS... I love so much. This is really what I do, like, pretty much all the time. Onlookers beware, #fatgirlrunning is NOT for the faint of heart.       I'll just be sitting at home awaiting my citation for vulgarity from the good citizens of quaint little Orion. For realsies, go watch The Dan Band. You won't be disappointed. (*Note the clever use of my actual movements in place of the lyrics)

At this point my phone could take no more. I had used all the remaining space. My phone's memory was packed tighter than a can of overstuffed sardines, overburdened with all of these little gems, carefully prepared for you. I know, I know. It's a total Bee Gees song. (A "Tragedy", get it? GET IT? Ugh...) But I think I made good use of my time today. Another beautiful day enjoyed to the utmost, and yet another run/walk/dance/jog gone down in a blaze of glory.



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