Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday Trotting

So today I ran again. Woohoo! I mean, it's been a week between runs (remember my last post about my first recent run?) but hey, I am on a roll here. And I mean more than a cinnamon roll.

I'm still not fast. But I am thoroughly enjoying this whole snapchat-my-way-through-my-run thing I've started. It reminds me of that Zooey Deschanel movie where she takes people on a photography jog. But, you know, this is just me.

I went 2 miles this time. TWO! Still slow as hell, but still with the forward moving, up & down motion often known as 'running'.

So I decided an introductory video was in order. Obviously, right?


Who listens to this music? What kind of creature am I???

I'm clearly enjoying this videojogography way too much.


I am running the same route as last week, because here's the cross again. I just love the way it looks when the sun hits it, even when the sun is barely shining.


Pretty scenery!

Annnd it's official. I have the oddest running playlist in the history of ever.


No explanation needed.





This is a preview of my Salsa Walking. I can't imagine why I have yet to convince anyone to come join me in this venture. More like ADventure! Am I right?

There you have it. Me in all my glory, doing that thing I do oh-so...sort of well. But I'm doing it! Because I am...
...Fat Girl Runnin!

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