Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winded Wednesday!

I really liked the Tuesday Trotting title (alliteration!), but since I went running again today - AGAIN, I tell you! - I had to come up with another mellifluous moniker.

Welcome to Winded Wednesday!

Now that I've got my #videojogography in full effect, this is getting more and more fun (for me) and entertaining (for me). And it's an accurate first-hand look into my world and my mind's ADOLAS - Attention Deficit Oh-Look-A-Squirrel!

I love running outside because I LOVE nature. Clouds, trees, critters, the weird things I see on the ground or in the spaces around me. For this reason (and matters directly related to ADOLAS) I have discovered that I can almost assuredly never successfully run on a treadmill. I get bored and discouraged way too easily running on an endlessly rolling belt.

Armed with my childlike wonder and my ever-observant, keen eye I have become thoroughly infatuated with snapchatting my runs (Thanks, Amy!) through the magic of videojogography.

Which brings me to today. This is my 3rd time in... 8 days! Woofrickinhoo! I think I'm finally onto something here.

#Fatgirlrunning. Episode 3. Check it out!

Why yes, yes I am going to go running in this. #totescray


 Pretty sure this is the only vid with no singing, For that I'm terribly sorry.


How appropriate that when my own air supply is so desperately important that Air Supply should appear on my playlist. It just goes to show that there's never a bad time for Air Supply.


Glad this is all ahead of me. I'm too darn sweet - I'd melt!


Just one of those #AHA moments. And here is a special shoutout to my friend Nikhil. This one's for you!


Sky Duck! Or... Pterodactyl? Dragon? What do YOU see?


I am almost physically incapable of NOT taking pictures of the sky. I am in love with clouds!


Ok fine. So I didn't have a loaded six string on my back. But I was walkin' (mostly running) these streets, and I'm pretty sure I was playin' for keeps. HELL yes.


Am I the only one that regularly sees shapes, figures and scenes in clouds?


These pictures don't do this lovely evening justice. I really do like living in a small town.


Gargoyles! In Orion! (We needs them, Precious!)


Nearing the end. It's less about the need for speed and more about the need to pee.


Nearing the end selfie! #youwishyoulookedthisgood


Is that the moon? How fucking long have I been running???


 Sweet release! It's so very, very close!


Oh my god, it's the end!!!

I thought I'd never see you again, Ground Outside My Apartment Building! Now if only I can get back up off your sweet, welcoming embrace...

... you know, or not.

El fin! Stay tuned for Episode 4.



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